Embrace your inner storyteller and scale your brand

Harness the power of grassroots storytelling with fractional (and practical) marketing communications for start-ups and scale-ups.

You're busy building your business.  
Let Flare build your brand.

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness or fire up your marketing engine, see how grassroots storytelling can help you engage early adopters, simplify your sales process and support customer retention.

Own your narrative - it's a growth hack we know best.


We help start-up and scale-up tech and cybersecurity companies tell their story through a combination of content strategy, brand identity and influencer relations.



Focus on the right marketing mix, at the right time.


For years, outsourced marketing meant working with outdated playbooks and big ticket agencies.

But conventional approaches don't match the unique pace of your business – and its early-stage budget.


Think bigger - and get creative! Brand strategy is a lever that can accelerate your business's growth, no matter what stage you're at. Our fractional model brings seasoned counsel and results-driven expertise to your leadership table when you need it most.

Stealth Mode

Validate market fit and land your first customers.

Set your brand's foundation with compelling messaging and clear positioning that encourages early adoption.


Build brand visibility and attract investors.

Generate awareness, demand and sales pipeline with an integrated marketing, communications and content strategy.


Support rapid expansion and generate buzz.

Supplement your marketing team's efforts and accelerate growth with customer advocacy, media and analyst relations.

How it Works

Our service menu is completely flexible. Really. That's the beauty of fractional!


So - whether you’re looking for a long-term partner or prefer short-term project sprints, we’ll work together to map an integrated approach that aligns to your goals.


Our mix and match menu looks like this:


Communications & Brand Strategy


Brand Workshops

PR Campaigns (like launches)

Media Training

Communications Planning

Analyst Relations

Brand Identity


Lead Generation & Marketing Strategy


Buyer & Persona Mapping

Digital Strategy

Marketing Campaign Strategy

Field Programs & Events Strategy

Marketing Programs

Competitive Positioning


Demand Generation & Content Strategy

Content Mapping

Website Mapping & Copywriting

Thought Leadership

Marketing Assets (eBooks, Guides)



Brand expertise you can trust.


Years of Experience


Years in Business


Happy Clients


Avg. Brand Growth Multiple



We can relate.

Our mission is to make brand growth accessible to early-stage companies.


Flare founder Mandy Bachus is a marketing pro who’s spent nearly 20 years embedded in high-performance marketing teams, refining the highly integrated communications discipline she practices today. She believes that effective demand generation, brand awareness and company growth are all built on the stories we tell, and how we tell them. Over the years she’s helped North American companies large and small build national and global brand rooted in connected messaging, content and influencer campaigns.


Through Flare, she’s worked with numerous market-disrupting cybersecurity and tech start-up and scale-up companies, providing fractional support to accelerate brand strategy, build thought leadership and influence industry shift.


Mandy proudly supports Canada’s most promising cybersecurity start-ups and scale-ups through the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Canada’s first cybersecurity-focused commercial accelerator.



“Mandy is dedicated, hard-working and committed.  It is a real pleasure to work with her.”

Eldon Sprickerhoff
Founder @ eSentire


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Flare is a boutique marketing communications agency helping cybersecurity and tech start-ups scale, and scale-ups achieve their growth and exit goals. We specialize in proven brand and communications strategies, using grassroots storytelling and influencer engagement to disrupt status quo.


Flare proudly serves North American clients from our home base in Ontario, Canada.

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