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You’re a busy leader. Your core mission is to build your business – hit revenue targets, secure funding and set-up your distribution network. Maybe you’re building an in-house marketing team, or maybe you’re outsourcing most of the function until your next funding round.

You might think that traditional communications activities are reserved for bigger companies, but the truth is, comms today is anything but traditional. In fact, strategic communications is a nimble tool that plugs into your revenue engine, and grows your brand footprint.

Today’s comms practice, especially within the technology sector, is all about influence. And really, the best influencers are the best storytellers. Amazing stories build credibility (thought leadership), content that people will download (leads) and shareable interviews that people will listen to (influence).

Flare offers the right mix of fractional comms services, at the right time. And the beauty of a fractional services menu?

It’s easy on your budget, but big on the bottom line.

Here’s our 3-step fractional model:

Step 1: Research

We’ll do your homework for you.

We start by working with you and your leadership team to understand the business, its market, objectives and roadmap - otherwise known as brand immersion. We’ll use the insights we gain to figure out the things that make your business and product truly unique.

Step 2: Plan

We’ll build a strategy that makes sense for your business and growth goals.

At Flare, we don’t believe in rinse and repeat and as an innovator, we’re guessing you don’t either. Now that we’ve identified how unique your business is, we’ll create a communications strategy to match. Together we’ll reach your key audiences and influencers with the perfect blend of internal storytelling, messaging, content generation and influencer engagement.

Step 3: Engage

We do the legwork, so you don’t have to.

We’ll coach and support your leadership team, build relationships, create content and manage journalist and analyst conversations. At this point you’ll also receive regular, easy-to-understand impact and progress reports that makes sharing updates with your board and stakeholders simple.

Take a peek at our services menu:

Communications Consulting

We’ll create a plan that REALLY works for your business.

  • Customized communications planning
  • Competitor, market and audience research and analysis
  • Leadership coaching
  • Fractional communications services that complement your marketing team’s efforts


You’re managing a bunch of launches and initiatives… and you need custom messaging for all of them.

  • Easy-to-digest corporate messaging guides
  • Custom product/service messaging frameworks

Content Generation

We’ll help you build your content cache… because after all, content is still king.

  • Blogs
  • Feature articles
  • Demand generation and integrated content including eBooks, infographics, whitepapers

Influencer Engagement

We’ll help build your brand and connect it to the audiences that matter.

  • Custom editorial calendar that supports media and blogger outreach.
    Activities can include:
    • PR strategy
    • Media training
    • Press release development
    • Story pitching
    • Article placement
    • Media tours
    • Competitor tracking
  • Analyst relations planning, pitching and engagement

Ready to grow?

Let’s talk about how fractional services can work for you.

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