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Simply put, Flare supports tech start-ups and scale-ups. We’ve lived through the tech lifecycle and understand what it takes to hit the mainstream radar while scaling the business. We get that many small and mid-sized tech companies are busy and bootstrapped. Strategic communications activities often end up on the nice-to-have list, but the reality is those activities are a must-have when you’re accelerating company growth.

Our fractional model brings seasoned counsel and results-driven expertise to the leadership table for a fraction of your overall marketing budget. We specialize in proven communications strategies, using grassroots storytelling, influencer engagement and a dash of growth hacking to disrupt status quo.

Mandy Bachus

Mandy Bachus

Principal and Founder

Team player, eternal optimist, wannabe wine expert

Mandy has spent 15+ years embedded in high performance marketing teams, refining the highly integrated communications discipline she practices today. She believes that effective demand generation, brand awareness and company growth are all built on the stories we tell, and how we tell them. Throughout her career she’s helped companies large and small build national and global brand rooted in connected influencer and content campaigns.

While Mandy has experience working in the healthcare, manufacturing and non-profit sectors, she's most creative in tech environments, working alongside market-disrupting companies who are pushing boundaries and challenging industry norms.

Prior to founding Flare, Mandy ran communications for one of those market disrupting companies—cybersecurity phenom eSentire. She was responsible for designing and executing the influencer engagement and communications strategy that established an entirely new market category (Managed Detection and Response) and supported the company through its rapid growth, multiple funding rounds and the company's eventual acquisition in the fall of 2017 by growth PE firm Warburg Pincus.